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When fragments of previous chapters of life unite for a new purpose bearing God’s fingerprints, joy overflows.  I felt it during my first trip to Haiti in 2012.  I thought it would be a one-week trip, nothing more.  I had no idea that Healing Haiti had an agricultural initiative, let alone the first aquaponics garden was scheduled to start the week after my trip.  My skills, experiences, and interests seemed discordant from the perspective of vocational planning in Minnesota.  But these combined perfectly to complete the startup team.  I stayed in Haiti for that second week.  Since then, I have served as an advocate of Healing Haiti agriculture.

Recently, I completed grad school and received a PhD in Chemistry.  The weeks following graduation were a career crossroad, so I invested them serving and listening in Haiti where, more than any other place, I’ve been shaped to be more Jesus-like.  Soon the opportunity emerged - to manage the initial startup of Fleri Farms.  For years, the call to someday come to Haiti has been on my heart, and now is the right time.

Fleri Farms will create value-added jobs, provide locally-grown food, the knowledge to more efficiently use soil and water, and have a positive impact on Haiti’s trade deficit and GDP.  Healing Haiti’s mission will be enacted profoundly, embracing the community of Northeastern Cité Soleil.  This farm aims to be financially self-sustaining within 3 years.  I believe it will bear many fruits to Haiti and to those who visit.  Fruits… edible and beyond.

I depend on financial support for this beginning to be possible, and I am thankful for your consideration.

  – Kenny

“Freely and merrily offer hospitality to one another.  Each of us should use the gifts we’ve been specifically given, to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in every form.”
1 Peter 4:9–10