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Throughout my life I have been enthralled by stories of missionaries and the path that God has paved for their life. Living in a Christian home, attending Christian school and going to church on Sundays meant God was always involved in my life. Even though Jesus was talked about I didn't begin a personal relationship with Him until just before high school. Christianity isn't merely saying 'yes,' to Christ but a daily relationship that I would have to constantly work at. Surrendering everything isn't something we can do through our own means but only through a gracious Savior.

Haiti became part of my story in July 2012. A year before I left Minnesota for Port-au-Prince for the first time I was about to enter my last semester of college. Unsure of what life would look like post graduation I knew I needed a new perspective on life and what was truly important. Preparing for that first trip in July I was unaware of what the country, its people and God's providence would do to me. After only a week in Haiti I knew I would return soon. Since that first visit I have been able to accumulate over a month of Haiti time and I am so thrilled to say I will be returning to Haiti for at least a year! 2013 is full of many unknowns for many people but this year is particularly exciting as I am able to serve at the guesthouse in Port-au-Prince starting in January.

Now I am asking for your help, through prayers and support so that I will be able to continue to serve in Haiti. Would you consider partnering and investing in this mission work? When God calls He promises to equip. I am honored to serve the Lord in Haiti, observe the gospel as its spread and watch His kingdom grow. May we always seek God's glory and His guidance as we each continue to follow Him.