Fleri Bakery: Job Creation


Job Creation and Micro Loans

Help end the cycle of poverty, once... and for all.

Join us in funding job creation and micro loan opportunities that will strengthen families and make the world a better place.

Help end the cycle of parents giving their children away because they can't afford to care for them by funding a Bakery, Cafe, Trade School and Micro Loan Program in Titanyen, Haiti

I want to help create jobs and unify families through

Fleri Boulange (Flourish Bakery) and Micro Loan Program

A job creating Bakery, Cafe and Trade School in Titanyen, Haiti

Fund Job: Bakery Apprentice Stipend for 1 Month $125

Fund Job: Bakery Salary for 1 Month $250

Fund Job: Bakery Manager Salary for 1 month $500

Fund Job Creating Micro Loans for 2 Families $1000

Fund Trade School Operations for 1 month $2500

Fund Pizzeria Operations for 1 month $3000

Fund Bakery Operations for 1 month $5000


Help Fund Job Creation... Donate Now

Recent Updates

Fleri Bakery Prepares to Open

Published Wed, Oct 26, 16. Written by Jeffrey Gacek.

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Fleri Bakery Nearing Completion

Published Sat, Mar 05, 16. Written by Jeffrey Gacek.

Fleri Bakery Nearing Completion

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Fleuri Bakery Equipment

Published Wed, Aug 05, 15. Written by Jeffrey Gacek.

Fleuri Bakery Equipment arrives in Titanyen, Haiti

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Titanyen is a rural village on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince and is considered one of the poorest rural villages in Haiti. When asked the definition of Titanyen, the villager will say it means 'l...