Earthquake Recovery Project

In the wake of Saturday morning’s earthquake and Tropical Depression Grace unleashing heavy rains yesterday, the people of Haiti are reeling.
The past several months of tragedy and unrest have been challenging for our ministry. Our operating budget has taken a significant hit.
Nevertheless, as an organization whose mission it is to leverage resources to elevate and unify Haitian families, we are inviting you help us resource other organizations actively involved in rebuilding and restoration process. 
100% percent of funds donated to our Earthquake Relief Project will go directly to vetted, dynamic, and under-resourced organizations that align with our mission and are committed to providing Haitian-driven support. Benefiting organizations will be committed to the long-term rebuilding of the affected communities.
Any amount helps, but we’re specifically looking for:
➡️50 people to donate $1,000 or more
➡️25 people to donate $500 or more
➡️20 businesses/churches to donate $2,500
➡️100 people to donate $100

Thanks in advance for your generosity! 

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